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While many Las Vegas homeowners regularly clean and sanitize every corner of their home, most ignore their air duct and ventilation systems.  The reason you may be experiencing dust, pollen, or poor-quality air in residence is due to your air ducts and vents being congested. Doctors have always maintained belief that the best way to avoid sickness and disease from your air is to have your HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Company routinely service your air conditioning and ventilation units.

We implement a 3 Phase Process to properly clean your air system.

1. Pre Inspection – We do the pre-inspection of your system by having one of our trained technicians open up the evaporator unit (normally located in your garage or attic) and assessing what the blower, furnace, and evaporator coil looks like. We also make sure none of your ducts are torn, ripped, or leaking. Standard procedure is for us to take 3-4 pictures, and discuss with you whether we need to do any additional cleaning of the system, aside from just the air ducts.

2. Cleaning – We start the actual cleaning. We are one of the only companies in Las Vegas who uses a negative pressure vacuum system for all of our jobs.

Using multiple different air powered and drill powered dust agitation tools, we systematically knock the dust loose from the ductwork, then use our negative pressure unit to funnel everything into our vacuum and out of your home.

After we are done we inspect the HVAC unit to make sure everything is running up to standard and leave you with a completely clean air system for the next 3-5 years.

3. Post – Inspection: The post inspection involves making sure we have collected all of our dropcloths and blankets, vacuumed up any loose debris, and moved back any objects or furniture.

Blue Diamond Air Solutions is here to help. We use a powerful HEPA vacuum, coil cleaners, duct sealants, an odor kill deodorizer, and a number of authentic products to deliver an excellent job. We’ve got you covered!

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How Do I Know My Air Ducts and Vents Are Safe?

Toxins, pollen, and bacteria can be found anywhere, but they can typically be found in humid and warm areas such as your residential air ducts and vents! Areas with poor air flow or ventilation are prone to bacteria outbreak:

Toxins and bacteria can be typically found in places such as:

  • Air ducts
  • Leaky windows
  • Leaky roofs
  • Air filters
  • Leaky pipes
  • Generally moist areas
  • Ventilation systems
  • Areas with stagnant water
  • And more….

Toxins and Pollens Tend To Grow Well In Surfaces Like:

  • Ceiling tiles
  • Upholstery
  • Drywall

  • Carpet
  • Air ducts
  • Dust
  • Wood

  • Air filters
  • Dust
  • Paint

  • Upholstery
  • Insulation

  • Roofs

  • And more…

‘’Indoor air can be deadlier than outdoor air, research shows. Indoor air pollution may be as much or more of a problem as pollution outdoors, according to new research. … From cooking residue to paints, varnishes and fungal spores, the air we breathe indoors is often more polluted than that outside.”


Health Effects of Polluted Air

Not all bacteria is toxic. However, most toxins and pollens can be dangerous and potentially harmful to your health. Prolonged exposure to such toxins can lead to health complications.

Some of the known symptoms from over exposure to air toxins and bacteria include:

  • Chronic Sneezing
  • Asthma
  • Memory Loss

  • Upper respiratory illness

  • Chronic Allergies

  • Pulmonary hemorrhage in kids

Air Duct and Ventilation Damage Due To Toxins and Bacteria

If toxins are detected and eradicated early enough, the damage to your residential air duct and ventilation system can be minimal. As time goes by, mold on air unit’s surfaces will grow and potentially do damage to your air filtration system.

Take an air conditioning unit, for example…

Bacteria and pollens that subtly start to form in your ducts or air vents and can be removed easily without flushing the system. However, if left unattended, these bacterias can spread into the main units of your filtration system and requiring a more comprehensive treatment. If this happens, the cleaning of the air duct system will rise from an inconsequential amount to a more expensive purification and installation process. It is recommended for your residential property to undergo an air duct and ventilation inspection annually in order to avoid any of the costly damages that could occur.

Due to the health risk to your family, we recommend you contact our trusted air duct cleaning professionals at the earliest sign of a compromised ventilation system.

Why wait? Have your air ducts and vents professionally assessed and treated today! 

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