Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

A broken air filtration system is dangerous: plain and simple!

If you own or run a business in Las Vegas, it is possible to forget some of the essential priorities, especially if they are out of sight. Ensuring that your HVAC system is up to quality standards and maintaining these standards regularly is an important task on your agenda. Our professionals at Blue Diamond Air Solutions aim to improve the quality of indoor air in your commercial settings at a very affordable price. Contact us today for your commercial air duct cleaning and commercial dryer vent cleaning for a no obligation inspection and a FREE quote!

At Blue Diamond Air, we operate our commercial air duct and vent cleaning by:
  • Step 1 – Inspection

  • Step 2 – Assessment and Estimates

  • Step 3 – Cleaning and Installation

Step 1 – Inspection

Commercial air ducts and vents assessments usually start with a visual inspection. However, pointing out the pollen and bacteria affecting your commercial unit by sight does not always tell the full story. It takes a consummate professional and sometimes advanced diagnostic technology to properly assess the extent to which your commercial ventilation system has been compromised.

The inspection process usually takes less than two hours depending on the size of the unit, the integrating system in your building, and the extent of the toxin outbreak. We offer various methods of equipment and thorough analysis and to be used for your spotless commercial air system inspection.

Proper assessment protocol includes:
  • Interior-exterior inspection
  • Premises survey
  • Laser Particle Counter Readers
  • Exclusion testing for irritants
  • Air quality testing and ventilation assessment
  • And more….

IMPORTANT: Avoid unnecessary exposure to the air toxins in your ventilation system. Typically, an experienced Blue Diamond Air Solutions contractor should be able to advise you on the best course of action regarding the presence of bacteria and pollens in your commercial ventilation system.


In most cases, your commercial air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning can be carried out without any changes to the physical structure of your air system. In rare cases, extensive replacements of the existing system might need to be done. It is very important to have a trusted professional cite the changes needed to your commercial air ventilation system and assure you of a safe and reliable procedure.

Our commericial clients have praised our honesty as we are always upfront about the extent of damages, however big or small, and the amount of work required to effectively eradicate the problem.

Our trusted contractors are always:

  • Honest
  • Professional
  • On-time & On-budget
  • Upfront
  • Courteous
  • Highly experienced

Our local Blue Diamond Air Solutions contractors are highly recommended by our clients!

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Step 3 – Cleaning and Installations

Every commercial air ducts cleaning project is different –  the amount of bacteria, the type of toxins, the extent of the damage – always requires its own unique approach. This is where Blue Diamond Air Solutions will serve you with invaluable expertise. You want to be sure that the commercial air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning company you choose to work with is familiar with the specific air duct and vent system itself before beginning the complete cleaning/installation process.

Blue Diamond Air Solutions one of the only commercial air duct cleaning companies in Las Vegas who uses a negative pressure vacuum system for all of our jobs. Using multiple different air powered and drill powered dust agitation tools, we systematically knock the dust loose from the ductwork, then use our negative pressure unit to funnel everything into our vacuum and out of your home. After we are done we inspect the HVAC unit to make sure everything is running up to standard and leave you with a completely clean air system for the next 3-5 years!

Why Blue Diamond Air Solutions?

We provide the best air duct cleaning service in all of Las Vegas. Founder, JC Pauli offers you a no-obligation inspection of your commercial air ducts and ventilation systems, so that you can rest assured your air is as efficient as possible all year round.

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What is the difference between toxins removal and toxins remediation?

Basically, toxins removal is more of a superficial process as it only involves removing the dirt from the ventilation system surface. Remediation on the other hand involves identifying and removing the toxins, and rectifying the source of the dirt such as:

  • Defective ventilation systems

  • Moisture leaks

  • Contaminated ceiling tiles

  • Stagnant water issues

  • Infected cooling unit

The modern air duct remediation process employs advanced diagnostic methods, air purification technology, and vacuum techniques that are all necessary and are integrated seamlessly to provide a successful project that allows you to rest assured knowing your remediation is complete and your issue will not arise again.

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